Online Classes

To ensure that we can run fun and safe sessions, please keep the following in mind;

  • Please ensure that you have sufficient space, free of obstacles and with enough room to move without physical contact with each other.
  • Please avoid working out on hard or slippery floors.
  • All participants must be members of British Taekwondo. Non-members can take a taster class but if they are continuing they will need to register for British Taekwondo Family and Friends Membership. To do, just send us an email and we will help you register. By joining these sessions you are participating at your own risk.
  • Please do not join the classes if you are ill or injured. Rest! There will be plenty of other opportunities to train and we want you to stay safe and well.

Classes are delivered live on Zoom. Zoom is a free, easy to use video call app available to use on laptops, tablets and smartphones.

During the classes your microphone will be muted to avoid background noise. When you join please ensure that your camera is on as it will allow us to provide feedback, this is also an insurance requirement for us to run these sessions. The sessions are also recorded for insurance purposes which includes a record of your attendance. These recording will be retained for 36 months.

We are using the chat facility on Zoom for questions and the instructor leading each session will allow a couple of minutes at the end of each session to answer these questions.

We also have also have Google Classroom giving us amazing resource and support to enhance your online training and knowledge.

We are using Google Classroom to provide updates on the classes, details on what we will be focusing on during the coming week’s classes as well as for polling on how we might develop and extend this programme. We will also continue to share key information through club’s normal email lists and Facebook page, but this group is used for more detailed information and for the instructors to get feedback and poll for opinions from those actively involved.

To keep inline with British Taekwondo’s policy on Safeguarding we can only accept memberships in this private group from adults. Therefore if you are a junior who is registered for online classes under your own email address please pass this invitation onto a parent or guardian. We do want to ensure all our members, older and younger, are fully part of our online programme but the security and safety of our juniors must be the key concern.

If you have any other questions please just send us an email.

We look forward to see you online very soon.